Line Up 2016
R.A. Series The R.A. Series is an absolute jib machine with a 100% paulownia woodcore. It is strong in the center which gives the board a lot of pop, but flexy at tip and tail. The channels in the center and at tip and tail give the board track, but leave it loose enough to butter around. Due to the new concave at tip and tail the board locks onto rails easily while pressing. It comes without fins and annoying fin holes. The RKLS Indestructo Base and the sanded ABS sidewalls give the board the needed protection. It is available in 132, 136, 140 and 144 as full graphic and mini graphic series.
  Choose your size The R.A. Series comes in four different sizes and two colorways. Check them out!
S.A. Series The S.A. Series is a board developed for the wake park which is also super aggressive on its edge. The channels from tip to tail make the board very fast while cutting to get the needed speed for big inverts. To make the landings softer we built in a „V“ going from the center to tip and tail. But besides that it’s nice for jibbing, too as the paulownia woodcore makes it flexy. Also it comes without fins which could limit your presses on rails. Of course this series is equipped with our RKLS Indestructo Base and sanded ABS sidewalls. It is available in 130, 134, 138 and 142 as full and mini graphic series.
  Choose your size The S.A. Series comes in four different sizes and two colorways. Check them out!
Wakeskate The cnc’ed wakeskate in 39,5“ is a damn flip machine. Our teamrider Marius gave us a lot of input for the developement and at one point he mentioned that it’s easier to do kickflips than ollies with this skate. Haha. What else is there to say? Ah yes, of course it comes with grip tape for the real skate feeling and the base is covered with a RKLS Indestructo Base that let the graphics live longer.
Material Features Epoxy resin We use the highest epoxy resin grade for getting the best bonding and flex characteristics to provide our boards pop over a long time period. Fiberglass Multiple-glass layers laminated between undirectional and bi-axial glass ensure the best strength and flex. Base sheet RKLS Indestructo Base gives the best durability and great gliding on obstacles. ABS sidewalls Neon colored ABS protects the boards for dents and delamination.
All shapes are designed in cooperation with our friend and shaper Simone Sivieri. Thank you!