Name: jascha wronka
Date of birth: 24.02.1990
Occupation: architect
Residence: cologne
Sponsors: reckless.wake
Favorite cable: wake and ski garbsen
Favorite video part: Evan Smith – War and Peace Favorite country to travel to: australia
Favorite food: everything thats quick and healthy, like pizza and kebab
Favorite music: 80s-90s, punk, acid, techno
Top people to hang out with: i just need frido! What does your perfect day looks like: brekkie -> be productive for an hour or two -> first lunch -> go wakeboard -> second lunch -> go skate -> more food (if third lunch or first dinner doesn’t matter) -> first beer… -> you know what’s happening now
If you could start from scratch, what would you do differently: i would just do what i really want to do an skip all the shit i did because people expected it from me, try to live more exactly how you want it.
Shout-outs: to many, i love you all!