In the late 90’s, when wakeboarding swapped over from the US to Europe, we fell in love with this sport. We were riding as much as we could and also started competing at national and international contests. We simply loved wakeboarding and still do.
After finishing school, founder Julian worked for an european wakeboard company called „Newschnitzel“. This however was only the beginning of his career in the wakeboarding industry.
In 2011, Julian was travelling through Australia, as one night he had a dream about starting his own wakeboard company called RECKLESS. Fascinated about this idea Julian started thinking about the first shape, graphics and a company logo. Still being in Australia he received the first sample board. RECKLESS.WAKE was born.
Setting up a company means managing many ups and downs. Julian had to change manufacturing sites several times due to delivery problems and low quality. Tired of these difficulties he decided to go a different path.
In 2016, Julian built up his own workshop for the RECKLKESS production in Hamburg, Germany. Much has changed within the last 3 years and with a lot of blood and sweat we now produce the best quality wakeboards.
We are an independent wakeboard brand with a team that loves the sport, the products and the workshop.
We are RECKLESS and we will never stop putting everything in our products, for you!


Our production facility includes everything you need to build superior wakeboards. Starting with our printing section for preparing our top and base sheets. Together with our high bonding epoxy resin, best quality fiberglass and a cnc milled paulownia wood core, this „tasty sandwich“ will be placed in our long improved press. Now the almost born board is ready to hit our finishing area where it gets sanded by hand. Holding a final handcrafted wakeboard in our hands motivates us to build the best quality wakeboards and to improve our craft day by day. Of course every single wakeboard gets inspected by ourselves to make sure the quality is on point before it gets shipped out.


Julian Koke

Frithjof Schultz