Name: Frederic Erdmann
Date of birth: 11.05.1994
Occupation: emergency paramedic
Residence: Pinneberg
Sponsors: only Reckless by now
Favorite cable: Cablesport Pinneberg
Favorite video part:
Favorite country to travel to: no matter where… as long as there’s a board underneath my feet
Favorite food: Avocado
Favorite music: Hip-Hop, Techno
Top people to hang out with: Hot Eels, Hans Hammer & all the boys What does your perfect day looks like: Wake up at 11am, have some breakfast, go for a shred with the boys, party at night
If you could start from scratch, what would you do differently: I would have been starting proper skating and surfing way earlier
Shout-outs: ¡2019! ¡1.55! ¡all in!