Name: Frithjof Schultz
Date of birth: 21. November
Occupation: reckless.wake / cablesportarena pinneberg
Residence: Hamburg
Sponsors: reckless.wake, soöruz, Jobcenter hamburg Nord
Favorite cable: wakebeach257!
Favorite video part: Julia Rick’s latest part, I really love her choice of music
Favorite country to travel to: Germany/Hamburg
Favorite food: noodles
Favorite music: everything dark, can be techno or rock as well
Top people to hang out with: with ma gang <3 What does your perfect day looks like: wake up at 11am, still stoned, take a shit with a dubie and than sleep for at least another hour. After a quick shower go outside, buy beer and relax in the sun with my friends.
If you could start from scratch, what would you do differently: nothing, everything worked out for me Shout-outs: to Julian Koke for being such a nice guy! <3
to Mum and Dad for being so patient with me! <3
to wakeboarding! <3
and to Oettinger Brauerei, Cheers!