Name: Henri Dollenberg
Date of birth: 28.11.1999
Occupation: Georgsmarien-Hütte
Residence: Garbsen, Hannover
Sponsors: Reckless Wake, Wake&Ski Garbsen
Favorite cable: Windmill Lake Canada
Favorite video part: Felix Georgii X Games real wake 2018
Favorite country to travel to: Canada
Favorite food: Sushi and Pizza
Favorite music: My Spotify Playlist named „Heizten“
Top people to hang out with: Mirko Scharper, Henkes Dollenberg, Hans-Martin Schöne and the Reckless Crew What does your perfect day looks like: Skate Session at 2er Skatepark BBQ at the lake and sundown Session with the Wake&Ski Crew at the Cable!
If you could start from scratch, what would you do differently: Bring more Snowboard Style into wakeboarding!!
Shout-outs: Wake&Ski Crew, Reckless Crew, Fred Garben, Mom and Dad