Made in Hamburg


R.A. Series:

The R.A. Series is an absolute allrounder with a 100% paulownia …

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Jascha Wronka Pro:

The Jascha Wronka Pro Model is a complete new shape for 2019 …

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Space Kids:

Also for 2019 we offer the first RKLS kids board in the sizes 125 and 130 …

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RKLS CT Binding:

The RKLS CT is a high end binding which comes with a two lacing system …

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In the late 90’s, when wakeboarding swapped over from the US to Europe, we fell in love with this sport. We were riding as much as we could and also started competing at national and international contests. We simply loved wakeboarding and still do.

After finishing school, founder Julian worked for an european wakeboard company called „Newschnitzel“. This however was only the beginning of his career in the wakeboarding industry.

In 2011, Julian was travelling through Australia, as one night he had a dream about starting his own wakeboard company called RECKLESS. Fascinated about this idea Julian started thinking about the first shape, graphics and a company logo. Still being in Australia he received the first sample board. RECKLESS.WAKE was born.